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    Are you looking for a corporate video in Adelaide?

    Let Lifesketch Films create your next corporate video Adelaide

    At Lifesketch Films we believe that video media is the way of the future. We love what we do, and our team consists of highly trained and motivated individuals who listen to your needs and tailor videos that will bring the best out of your business. Because of our experience and professionalism, you can rest assured that your corporate video will bring value to your business and add to your online content strategy.

    What is a corporate video Adelaide?

    Lifesketch Films specialises in producing pre event videos for corporate events, as well as corporate video content to add to your portfolio. Through video montages we have been able to help businesses showcase their services and unique selling points to clients.

    Different corporate video Adelaide services we offer are:

    • Filming your corporate events
    • Creating a services video that highlights what your business does & what makes you different
    • Creating a pre event video to play at your corporate event that showcases the successes and accomplishments of your business

    There are different packages that our potential clients can choose from to meet their needs and budget.

    The process of Corporate Video Adelaide

    Our highly experienced videographers make it possible for us to create high quality, full HD films for broadcast, web use or just to keep. An event’s success is dependent upon how interactive it is and we believe producing a video montage is a powerful way of doing that.


    Entrepreneurs are leaning towards corporate videos because they have started seeing them as a successful tool to introduce people to their business. Lifesketch Films has a wide range of experience in creating corporate video Adelaide. We make sure our client’s needs are met, the guidelines are followed, and the videos are specifically tailored to meet individual needs.


    With Lifesketch films, you can rest assured that your pre-event video, highlights video or services film will be made to the highest standard.

    Benefits of working with Lifesketch Films

    At Lifesketch Films, we pride ourselves on giving special memories to our clients through:

    1. Corporate videos: Lifesketch Films produces pre event videos for corporate events. Through video montages we have been able to help entrepreneurs showcase their services and unique selling points to clients
    2. Pre event videos: We produce tailored pre event video montages about you & your life, which is played at your milestone event.
    3. Creative wedding videos: We are creative who always find the most personal way to tell your story.

    If you’d like pre wedding videography Adelaide, speak to Marie & Chris at Lifesketch films on (08) 8365 7327 or on email hello@lifesketchfilms.com.au



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