• Pre Wedding Videography Adelaide

    Are you looking for pre wedding videography in Adelaide?

    Have you considered Pre Wedding Videography?

    Based in Adelaide, Lifesketch Films provide services for events like birthdays, weddings, engagements, business events or anniversaries, and we specialise in pre wedding videography Adelaide.

    What is Pre Wedding Videography Adelaide?

    Pre wedding videography enables us to work closely with you to produce a beautiful video montage which tells your story.

    The process of Pre Wedding Videography Adelaide

    Our objective is to tell your relationship story on your big day, enabling you to share all your adventures with your family and friends in one concise film.

    1. We find out how you met, what you love about each other, and what makes your story different to everyone else. Once we find your difference, we create a concept that is relatable & is unique to you.
    2. Once we've decided on a concept, we organise your filming dates - whether this is just visiting your favourite places, speaking your family and friends about your relationship, or simply speaking with you about your lives together so far. We work around your schedule and comfort levels.
    3. We edit - this is where the magic happens!
    4. You can choose whether you view your film before your wedding day, or keep it as a surprise element & watch it for the first time at your reception! 

    Please note that this is not a same day edit - it's a completely unique film carefully crafted with passion & love to retell your love story before you embark on your next big adventure together.

    Lifesketch Films, Pre Wedding Videography Adelaide

    Why choose Pre Wedding Videography Adelaide?

    Playing a video montage at your wedding is both special and attention grabbing. At Lifesketch films we believe that it’s crucial to be passionate about the work that you do...and we absolutely love what we do!


    More & more couples want to make their wedding stand out, which is why pre wedding videography Adelaide makes all the difference.


    With Lifesketch films, you will love your pre wedding videography that is played at your wedding day, and for years after as well.

    Lifesketch Films, Pre Wedding Videography Adelaide

    Benefits of working with Lifesketch Films

    At Lifesketch Films, we pride ourselves on giving special memories to our clients through:

    1. Corporate videos: Lifesketch Films produces pre event videos for corporate events. Through video montages we have been able to help entrepreneurs showcase their services and unique selling points to clients
    2. Pre event videos: We produce tailored pre event video montages about you & your life, which is played at your milestone event.
    3. Creative wedding videos: We are creative who always find the most personal way to tell your story.



    If you’d like pre wedding videography Adelaide, speak to Marie & Chris at Lifesketch films on (08) 8365 7327 or on email hello@lifesketchfilms.com.au


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